Poultry Virgin HDPE recyclable plastic pallets for egg transportation

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A dividing plate, a first clamping groove is formed on the dividing plate, and a second clamping groove is formed on the dividing plate; wherein, the first clamping groove is located at the edge of the dividing plate, so the second engaging groove is located above the separating plate.

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Product Description

Jinlong brand.
1. Single-sided mesh plastic pallets are widely used as stacking pallets in storage.
2. Four-way forklift entrance, easy to operate and easy to transport goods.
3. Professional design, reasonable structure, large bearing capacity, anti-skid technology.
4. Standard fumigation-free export plastic trays can simplify export procedures.
5. Long service life, 2-3 times that of wooden pallets, carefully used and recyclable even 4-5 times that of wooden pallets.
6. Different colors can be customized according to your needs.
7. Using HDPE new material, the tray is non-toxic and non-polluting, and is widely used in poultry, food, medicine, tobacco, warehousing and logistics and other industries.
8. The plastic tray is resistant to acid, alkali, moisture, corrosion, clean and hygienic, no static electricity, easy to clean, recyclable, etc.

Detail Drawing

Poultry HDPE recyclable4
Poultry HDPE recyclable3
recyclable plastic pallets

Product Advantage

The first clamping slot and the second clamping slot opened on the partition plate are mutually clamped with the egg tray, so as to help the egg tray to play a role of stability and improve the stability of the egg tray during transportation, so that the egg tray can be effectively to reduce the damage caused by shaking the egg tray to eggs.


Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
TE30 30-egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm HDPE 100sets/0.042m³   160g any color
ET01 Egg tray divider 120cm*90cm HDPE 100sets/4.2m³   4000g any color
ET02 egg tray pallet 120cm*90cm HDPE 100sets/14.8m³   14000g any color


1. Could I customize logo or color?
Yes, color and logo customization will be acceepted. Logo could be silk printing or embossing.

2. How to chose suitable pallet for my usage?
Please provide the informations as followings:
a. Pallet dimension, length*width*height
b. Pallet used for stackable, rackable, ground loadinng, or shipping export?
c. Loading capacity: Static load, dynamic load, rack load.

3. What is the delivery time?
For formal order, we will provide the productioln plan can guaranteen on time delivery. Usually, we will delivery the goods within 15~20 days after receiving deposit.

4. What is kind of payment terms do you accept?
In general, we accept T/T, L/C, Paypal, West UJnion or others according to specific situation.

5. What is quality warranty?
Warranty for 3 years. One replace one within l year, two replace one within 2 year, three replace one within 3 year.

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