Jinlong brand virgin PE material for chicken and customized automatic plasson drinker/DP01,DP02,DT18

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Plasson drinking fountain is an automatic drinking fountain, which is mostly used in small farms. When it comes to Plasson, there is another story to tell. Does the name Plasson sound weird? It is not random. Plasson was originally developed by an Israeli company called Plasson. Later, the product came to my country and was quickly prevented by a large number of intelligent people in our country. Finally, Plasson began to be sold from China to the world.

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Jinlong brand.
1. Made of pure polyethylene, anti-aging and pollution-free.
2. Novel design, reasonable structure, saving labor cost.
3. It saves water and material, improves the environment, and allows chickens to drink fresh water every time. It is an ideal drinking fountain for chicken farms.

PE material can be customized Plasson drinker05
PE material can be customized Plasson drinker8

Use and Control

The first is the cleaning situation in the later period after the chickens enter the pen. After entering the chickens - once a day, - once every two days, and once every three days after the day, and then the cleaning requirements: tools, a sewage bucket, a disinfectant bucket, A rag. 
Method a. Pour the remaining water in the Plasson into the sewage bucket.
a. Scrub the surface and sink of Plasson with a rag dipped in disinfectant.
b. Pour the residual water in the Plasson sink into the waterless bucket again.
c. Sewage should be mentioned outside the house and poured into the drainage ditch, and it is forbidden to spill on the ground inside the house.
d. The disinfectant should be replaced in time according to the specific situation.
e. Wash with clean water before and after immunization and on the same day.
f. The choice of disinfectant requires the bottom poison, high efficiency, no corrosion and no irritation

Preparation tools: bucket, rag, shoe brush, cleaning ball, disinfectant. 
a. Scrub the Plasson drinking fountain with clean water, especially the surface of the barrel wall.
b. The weight of the drinking fountain and the connecting pipe should be cleaned as well.
c. If the connecting pipe is blocked, use the air pipe to clear it.
d. After cleaning, put it in the disinfectant and immerse it in the disinfectant. e. Then hang it into the chicken coop.


Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
DP01 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 35 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.0m³   1000g any color
DP02 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 39 cm, Gutter: 6cm HDPE 100sets/1.1m³   1000g any color
DT18 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 33cm, Dimater :36.5 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.2m³   800g any color

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