Jinlong Brand Virgin Material Brooding Plasson Automatic Drinker for Chicks, Ducks and Goose Automatic Drinkers/DP01,DP02,DT18

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In order to facilitate the use of the majority of breeding users and friends, improve the quality of breeding, improve the breeding environment, and solve breeding problems, after many improvements, our factory has launched the third generation of new Plasone drinking fountains, which are better than the first and second generation Plasone drinking water. The device has been greatly improved. From the traditional counterweight pot stable chassis to the bottom water injection hole type, the water injection is convenient, the capacity is increased, and the chassis is more stable. From the water injection process to the leak-proof and waterproof aspects, there have been great improvements.

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Jinlong brand. The product is made of pure original packaging material, the material is thick, the color is bright, and it is durable.
The new type of pipe clamp is used with 25mm PVC round pipe. The water flow can be controlled by the switch, which is convenient to adjust. The double screw, the tightness can be controlled, the card is ready to use, and it is easy to use. Each Plasone is presented with a hose of about one meter in length, caring service and quality assurance. The general bearing is easy to screw, and the water injection port is strong and wear-resistant.
One of the highlights of this third-generation Plasson is the water injection hole at the bottom. The traditional first and second-generation Plasones use a counterweight pot to stabilize the chassis. Many customers report that water injection is inconvenient, easy to leak, and the chassis is easy to be unstable.
In order to improve this situation, we specially changed the bottom to the water injection hole type. When using it, screw the Plasson first and then install it, just insert the water pipe into the water injection hole and fill it with water. The maximum capacity of the kettle is as high as 10 kg. It can be tightened and flattened with the wearing plug, which greatly reduces the difficulty of use.
At the threaded connection between the plug and the chassis, we use a rubber gasket to make the connection between the plug and the bottom more compact by using the sealing performance of the rubber ring, so as to avoid the occurrence of water leakage as much as possible.

Plasson automatic drinker
Plasson automatic drinker4
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PE material can be customized Plasson drinker02
Plasson automatic drinker

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Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
DP01 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 35 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.0m³   1000g any color
DP02 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 39 cm, Gutter: 6cm HDPE 100sets/1.1m³   1000g any color
DT18 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 33cm, Dimater :36.5 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.2m³   800g any color

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