Jinlong Brand 130Gram 160Gram 190Gram High quality egg tray Vrigin PP and HDPE material in any color High temperature resistance egg tray/TE30

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Egg trays generally refer to packaging tools used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other egg products. The main function is to absorb shock, facilitate egg placement, and make egg transportation more convenient, safe and fast. Plastic egg trays can also be divided into plastic egg trays and PVC transparent egg boxes depending on the raw materials produced.

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Jinlong brand.
1. The plastic egg tray is an injection molding product. The main raw materials are extracted from some oils, such as PC material, ABC, POM, etc. The plastic egg tray is stronger, durable, pressure-resistant, and drop-resistant, but its shock resistance is lower than that of pulp. However, because the raw materials are not environmentally friendly enough, the scope of use is more prevented.

2. PVC transparent egg box, because of its transparency, is beautifully placed and loved by major supermarkets, but due to the characteristics of raw materials, egg boxes are softer than paper, not suitable for multi-layer stacking, and the transportation cost is high.

If you have a few hens in your garden, you may be collecting a lot of eggs each day. Our plastic egg trays will make collecting eggs easy, and storing them will be a breeze!

They are made of plastic and are very hygienic to use because they are easy to clean...and unlike cardboard trays, they can be used over and over again.

Detail Drawing

egg tray Vrigin TE30-4
egg tray Vrigin TE30-5
egg tray Vrigin TE30-6
egg tray Vrigin2
egg tray Vrigin TE30-7
egg tray Vrigin1
egg tray Vrigin4

 Our Advantage

1. Certification: SGS/ISO9001.
2. Professional Performance plastic container supplier.
3. Suitable for eggs daily turnover or long-distance freight.
4. Can be stacked more than 10 layers.
5. Can be loaded two meters high in the truck.
6. Can be washed at high temperature.
7. More ventilation, good permeability, improve preservation time of eggs.
8. No extrusion and breakage, more high quality eggs.
9. Reusable, quality assurance.


Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
TE30-130 30-Egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm HDPE 100sets/0.042m³   130G any color
TE30-PE160 30-Egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm HDPE 100sets/0.042m³   160G any color
TE30-PP160 30-Egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm PP 100sets/0.042m³   160G any color
TE30-160(Anti-high Temperature 30-Egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm HDPE 100sets/0.042m³   160G any color
TE30-190 30-Egg circulating tray 30cm*30cm*5cm HDPE 100sets/0.042m³   190G any color
TE36 36-Egg tray 28cm*28cm*6.5cm PP 100sets/0.29m³   160G any color

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