Jinlong Brand farm chicken drinker/waterer from 1L-18L DTA-18,DTA-16,DT01,DT02,DT03,DT04,DT05,DT06

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Providing fresh and clean forage&water for poultry is crucial for the goog growth of poultry. Meanwhile, it can improve the feeding environment, reduce food waster and lower the labor intensity. It has become the most integral part of modern standard poultry breeding.

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Jinlong brand.
100% brand new and high quality, light weight and small size, can be carried anywhere, surface is polished for easy cleaning. Easy to install and easy to use, automatic drinker to effectively reduce water wastage and keep your house clean Can be used by multiple poultry, the drinking system automatically provides fresh and clean water to the chicken, which is essential for the chicken to grow in a good environment. Made of high quality plastic materials, safe and healthy, can be safely used for poultry or pets. 

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Chicken Drinker


Type Automatic Poultry Drinker
Material HDPE 
Applications Chicken Pet Poultry Feeding
Features Automatic Poultry Drinker, Chicken Drinking, Fountain Device, Round Hanging Cup, Waterer Bowl, Pet Feeding Utensils Capacity
Color Red+yellow 
Quantity 1 Pc 


Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you! Package includes: 1 Pc x Automatic Poultry Drinker.

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Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size SIZE G.W. Color
DTA-16 chicken drinker Height 39cm, Dimater: 42 cm HDPE 100sets/0.71m³   16kg 970G any color
DTA-18 chicken drinker Height 43cm, Dimater: 42 cm HDPE 100sets/0.76m³   18kg 1020G any color
DT01 chicken drinker Height 48cm, Dimater: 36.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.6m³   14kg 765G any color
DT02 chicken drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 36.5cm HDPE 100sets/0.5m³   11kg 690G any color
DT03 chicken drinker Height 33.5cm, Dimater: 30.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.25m³   6kg  415G any color
DT03+1 chicken drinker Height 37cm, Dimater: 33.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.3m³   8kg 530G any color
DT04 chicken drinker Height 28.5cm, Dimater: 24 cm HDPE 100sets/0.17m³   3kg  245G any color
DT05 chicken drinker Height 23cm, Dimater: 19cm HDPE 100sets/0.1m³   1.5kg  145G any color
DT06 chicken drinker Height 19cm, Dimater: 17.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.07m³   1kg  100G any color
DT07 chicken drinker Height 23cm, Dimater: 27.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.25m³   5kg  320G any color
DT08 chicken drinker Height 20cm, Dimater: 24 cm HDPE 100sets/0.15m³   3kg  245G any color
DT09 chicken drinker Height 17cm, Dimater: 17.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.05m³   1kg  85G any color
DT10 chicken drinker Height 35cm, Dimater: 32 cm HDPE 100sets/1.8m³   12.5kg  400G any color
DT11 chicken drinker Height 36cm, Dimater: 32 cm HDPE 100sets/1.6m³   10kg  340G any color
DT12 chicken drinker Height 35cm, Dimater: 32 cm HDPE 100sets/1.45m³   8kg  235G any color
DT13 chicken drinker Height 29cm, Dimater: 22.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.65m³   5kg  160G any color
DT14 chicken drinker Height 23.5cm, Dimater: 20cm HDPE 100sets/0.50m³   3kg  150G any color
DT15 chicken drinker Height 16cm, Dimater: 17 cm HDPE 100sets/0.30m³   2kg  50G any color
DT16 chicken drinker Height 21cm, Dimater: 14.5 cm HDPE 100sets/0.25m³   1.5kg  20G any color
DT26 chicken drinker Height 24cm, Dimater: 20 cm PP 100sets/0.11m³   3kg  150G any color
DT27 chicken drinker Height 26cm, Dimater: 22.5 cm PP 100sets/0.14m³   4.5kg  225G any color
DT28 chicken drinker Height 26cm, Dimater: 21 cm PP 100sets/0.15m³   3kg  210G any color

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