Jinlong Brand Virgin HDPE material Pigeon feeder chick feeder pigeon feeding trough long type feeder/AA-4,AA-9,AA-10,AA-11,AA-12

Short Description:

Made from soft material (PP copolymer) this makes it almost unbreakable. Even in a cold winter the material stays strong and flexible. This feeder has an efficient snap closure that is easy to lock preventing accidental spillage.
1. The top of the feeder has 16 optimally sized feed holes and ridges designed specifically for chicks to feed from. Easy to open and close.
2. Feeding trough for chickens and pigeons. Holes to avoid wastage. It can be used as a feeder or as a manual drinker.

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Jinlong brand. 

1. Colors can be customized according to your needs, and we can also produce products according to your requirements.
2. Easy to use and clean, helps protect food from dirt and damage.
3. We provide label sticker service and support OEM.
4. The trough is multifunctional, which can be used for both feeding and drinking. This slot is versatile and suitable for a variety of small birds and pigeons.

Detail Drawing

Pigeon feeder
Pigeon feeder6
Pigeon feeder
Pigeon feeder


1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?   
We are a trading company with stable cooperation with a lot competitive manufacturers from different region of China, and we visit the factories to check about the product quality regularly. 
2. Can you provide samples?
Yes, we can provide samples for all the products in our store. But the shipping cost will have to be bored by your side. It usually takes around one week to prepare the samples and we will arrange fast shipping to reach you as soon as possible.
3. What is the goods lead time? 
It depends on the kinds of goods you need. For the hand tools including pickaxes, shovels, axes, steel forks, it will take 45-55 days to produce, and for the buckets, it takes about 10 days to produce.
4Do you support customizing products?
Yes, the factory we cooperate with is professional in customizing products according to customers' own needs. We can produce similar or the same products if you could send us detailed pictures or samples.
5. How to order?  
Please send us your purchase order by email or call us. 


Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
AA-2 bird feeder 12.5cm*9.5cm*6cm PP 500sets/0.1m³   50g any color
AA-3 bird feeder 8.3cm*8.3cm*6cm PP 500sets/0.06m³   25g any color
AA-4 pigeon feeder 51.5cm*12.5cm*8cm PP 100sets/0.16m³   200g any color
AA-5 bird drinker 16cm*24cm PP 100sets/0.27m³   160g any color
AA-6 bird drinker 11cm*20cm PP 100sets/0.2m³   110g any color
AA-7 bird drinker 15cm*21cm PP 100sets/0.24m³   130g any color
AA-8 chick feeder Height: 18cm, Dimater: 28cm PP 100sets/0.9844m³   230g any color

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