Jinlong Brand Israel style poultry automatic drinker Virgin PE material Plasson Drinker accept customization/DT19

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Israel style poultry  drinkers is a water supply equipment used in chicken farming waterline. Used in chicken farms commonly, especially as water equipment for small chicken farm.
Plasson drinking is made of water bowl, moved support, springs, water seal gasket and main pipe on the support, inlet pipe etc. It have a anti-splash board around inlet pipe on the support.


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Jinlong brand.
Product in-stallation
1. The lead is connected with the socket of the shell. The counterweight pot head should be filled with water or sand. It is recommended to drain water to balance.
2.Heavy kettle lifting rope or hanging with fine steel wire in poultry house, about 3-5cm from the ground, poultry house such as crowded, shocking, so it is not easy to sprinkle water.
3.As a result,the clamping device of the water pipe is connected with the tap water pipe, (drilling a hole of about 6mm on the tap water plastic pipe with a hand gun drill is connected with the clamping device of the water pipe, thus saving the cost of thethree links) there is a water outlet at both ends of the shell for the purpose of automatically adding water.



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Plastic Drinker2
Israel style poultry automatic drinker
Israel style poultry automatic drinker


Model No. Name Specification Material Packing capacity Package size G.W. Color
DP01 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 35 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.0m³   1000g any color
DP02 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 38cm, Dimater: 39 cm, Gutter: 6cm HDPE 100sets/1.1m³   1000g any color
DT18 Plasson Automatic Drinker Height 33cm, Dimater :36.5 cm, Gutter: 4cm HDPE 100sets/1.2m³   800g any color

Product Features

Height and water level of drinking fountain
1. Don't put it on meshes Grill, hang it up.
2. The upper edge of the sink and the back of the chicken are horizontal or slightly higher.
3. The water level in the water tank takes up about 1/3-1/24 of the depth of the tank. The counterweight of the drinking fountain or the configu-ration of the gourd needs to be filled up.
Tips: The water pressure should not be too large, the water pressure is too large and the adjustment is not good, and the small automatic pressure is too large.


Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
Longlong is A professional animal husbandry equipment manufacturer, we have our own factory.

What is your lead time?
10-15 days if the goods are in stock. Or if the goods are not.
Inventory is 30-45 days, it is based on quantity.

Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
Yes, we can provide samples, but it's not free.

What are your payment terms?
Payment:1000USD, 100% advance payment. Payment= $1,000, 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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