How is the egg tray made, and what process?

1. According to the requirements or sample specifications, first make the egg tray blister mold. Under normal conditions, use gypsum to make the blister packaging mold, let it dry completely or dry, and then according to the specific conditions of the surface of the product, whether Drill many small holes in the low recesses that affect the appearance of the product packaging.

2. The next step is to put the egg tray mold into the upper iron plate of the vacuum chamber after the egg tray mold is completely dried, and then load the plastic sheet into the applicable size according to the size of the egg tray mold, and then put the sheet on the upper iron plate. Put it into the heating wooden cabinet to make it completely fixed, and then put the wooden cabinet together with the plastic sheet on the constant temperature furnace for softening treatment.

3. The third step is more critical. Put the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch, and suck out the air in the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheet is cooled, the same mold is obtained. The same concave egg tray. Then there is the finishing of egg packing boxes; after trimming and finishing the produced egg trays, it is the finished egg packing box, so that it can be sold out of the factory.

1. Pulp egg tray
Pulp egg trays are mostly made of recycled paper pulp and pressed by forming machines. Because of its simple production process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called “green” packaging and is the most common type of egg tray in daily life.

2. Plastic egg tray
Plastic egg trays are made of plastic, which can produce colorful and beautifully shaped egg trays. Because of its high cost, it is generally used more in high-end supermarkets.

3. Single egg tray
Single-piece egg trays are generally used in homes or western restaurants. They have the characteristics of cute shape and convenient use, which can effectively prevent eggs from rolling off the table. It is an optional small tableware for stylish home.

4. Egg tray
The tray-packed egg tray can hold dozens of eggs in one tray depending on the size, and is also a more egg-packing tool.

Post time: Jul-06-2022